Delivering the highest quality of service to the UAE marine market, whilst combining the latest technology in environmentally green products to enhance our services.

”Excellence is not a skill.
It is an attitude.”

Turn-key services for the boat owner, buyer, seller and the crew, specializing sales, service and maintenance as well as yacht and marina management.


Our primary mission is to provide an exceptional experience to boaters. We develop local business partnerships to form community based connections enabling boaters of all ages to share the “best of everything” the city has to offer.

ARG Marinas

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Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that attracts particles that cause bad smells and destroys them, leaving you with a clean smelling, odour free environment.


The GreenTeck Health Water Machine is a chemical free table top water filtration system for any residential needs. The machine cleans water from any source with a three-stage process: filtration, mineralisation and activation. Using the patented Diamond Flow Cell the water is 99.99% free of any living organism.

GreenTeck Global

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The RJP Group is a remarkable success story in the UAE. One of the most respected enterprises; it has grown along with the developments in the Emirates. The Group is a leading innovator in the marine world and green technologies.

The core of its values and principles lies in the competent leadership of its division managers, the wealth of experience of its manpower, and fair enterprise in spite its position amid the current competition.

Thus, for over a decade, RJP Group has become an institution of confidence and success in multi-industry across the UAE.


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